Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Pencil Case

My bold mission statement to produce and upload a sketch a day has clearly fallen short of its target. 74 days have passed and only 5 sketches have been posted. I have let myself down, but to a greater significance, the hopeful expectations of my relatives, friends and the 9 faithful 'followers' have also been dashed against the corduroy exterior of my firmly zipped pencil case. I can only offer the much worn excuse of being overloaded with work.
It has also occurred to me, since my initial unbounded enthusiasm to share with the world, the utter pointlessness of doing so - unless there is a point. And I do sense that there is a point however it evades me like a Ferrero Rocher.
The good news is that obligations to worky stuff are somewhat diminished and thus the opportunity to revive slumbering graphite is upon me. No more excuses. Not even work. Work should be secondary to the fire within. So without further a do I'm gonna light up my little stack of inner twigs and get this show back on the road. Maybe the point of all this will become clear if I just use my pointy pencil to pointy-sketchy.

Separate note:
Art? Hoo Haa.
I'm not even going to go there, but having been consumed these past few months with interesting and challenging client-based projects, the simple feeling of holding a pencil in my hand once again in order to portray the naked figure poised before me evokes a sense of 'art' - as in - I'm doing art. No more, no less. Simple. There is no point... other than stumbling over mysteries of the universe hidden within my stem of brittle graphite.



  1. Is the top one a man sitting cross legged with another man's head up his ass?...Andy and Pete?

  2. is he balancing a martini glass on his willy?