Monday, 18 April 2011

Flipple napp clopple

So, here we are in the bowels of a Monday maelstrom - induced by an impromptu but poignant suggestion to start a blog. 'It's easy' she said. And it was, though selecting a font for the headline given the limitations was anything but. So here I am. Another god-damn blogger, ready and willing to blog like a tin-full of worms in a compost heap. (see, here I am already in blogging speak). God damn it.
So the premise of this blog in particular - aside from drunken banter (to an imaginary audience) is to reveal and share a drawing/sketch a day.
So, without further a do, and without further a thing to draw at this stage - here's a lovely sketch of the pencil with which I am sketching it - no easy task I can assure you.

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